Services Offered by Professional Landscapers

Homeowners in Myrtle Beach who want to have outdoor landscapes they can be proud of often turn to landscaping companies for the help they need with design, installation, and maintenance of their landscapes, and with good reason. Not only do professional landscapers have far more experience performing this type of work, but they also have all of the tools they need to perform it quickly and efficiently. Homeowners who want comprehensive service can read on to find out about a few of the services offered by comprehensive lawn and landscape companies to make sure the company they choose will be able to perform all of the work required to create and maintain an exceptional landscape.

Lawn Maintenance

While modern landscapes don’t tend to rely too heavily on large expanses of lawn, nearly every yard does still have at least a small lawn so it’s important to hire a company that offers lawn seeding and maintenance services. These should include weed, insect, and disease control in addition to fertilization and basic lawn cutting. A lot of work goes into keeping a lawn looking luscious and green, so it’s best to entrust this work to a company that knows the ins-and-outs of lawn maintenance.

Design Services

Every complex and well-integrated landscape starts with a comprehensive landscape design. However, not all companies offer design services, so it’s important for homeowners who want to make substantial changes and improvements to their yard to ask whether or not the company employs landscape designers prior to signing a contract. This will allow them to work with the same company from the very beginning, helping to ensure that the final results are well-integrated and beautiful.

Tree and Shrub Care

Palm trees are the most popular trees in South Carolina for a reason; they look beautiful and impart an air of relaxation and style. However, most local landscapes don’t contain palm trees alone. Be sure the service chosen to perform landscape installation and maintenance is capable of planting and maintaining a wide variety of climate-appropriate trees and shrubs.

Irrigation Repairs

A good irrigation system can go a long way toward reducing the amount of time that must be spent watering and ensuring that all plants remain healthy and attractive. Unfortunately, no system exists that doesn’t require routine maintenance and occasional repairs. Hiring a company that offers these services means that homeowners will know who to call if they wind up with leaks or sprinkler malfunctions.

Get the Search Started Today

Super-Natural Landscaping offers all of these services and more. Check out to learn more about this comprehensive lawn care and landscape company online today.

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